Human body has inbuilt Fire Alarm, Seismic Alarm System-FIT technology
Kindly read this article and implement it in your country from31-12-2010,to save valuable Human life from all type of disasters including Fire and Inferno.
Would you like to know that Nature or GOD has installed in Human body Fire Alarm, Seismic Alarm System?
In which part of Human body Fire Alarm or Seismic Alarm System exist?
How Fire Brigade in any country can make use of FIT-Future Imaging Tool Technology,which is capable to forecast two year in advance possibility of Fire in any place like Forest, Skyscrappers, Ships,Oil platforms Industrial Fire, fire in Brewery ,Office Building etc?
Would you like connect with Inventor through Internet today and you will be in position to know Fire in your area two year in advance ? Email given in last paparagraph.
Do you know FIT technology is most scientific,logical technology if applied on Fire Brigade then it will detect Firemen ,s age and year in which they will meet Inferno like situation in future years to come and once you know this factor then you can be better prepared to Extinguish possibility of Fire in any area ?
For example in 2000 AD year , Inventor was in New York Fire Department and FIT technology was applied which indicated that 343 Firemen would be effected in year 2001 ,then on basis of this data it was possible to find out in which building(WTC) of New York on such large scale Fire will occur ?
FIT technology is most powerful Next generation Science/ technology and one of the greatest inventions of this century which generates Forensic evidence of Past and future Fire or Inferno or it is time machine which is capable to go into past and future of any Inferno ?
We, invite Chief Fire Officer of New York Fire department and other Fire Officer of any COUNTRY to discuss this issue via video conferencing and see and test FIT technology which is Gift to save mankind on Earth ?
As an Inventor we require clear colored Photograph of both hands using powerful 10 x-zoom camera which cover Firemen Biometric or Biosensor detail ,and on basis of this we will forecast past and Future tragic Fire accidents
FIT technology has inbuilt system of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality like tools which clearly points out in advance ,that this particular area ship,Oil Platform Building Forest will be effected by Fire in year 2011 or 2012 ?
Remember if you working in network fashion with Inventor then two year in advance you can know when Fire will effect your area with 100 percent accuracy ? Do you know, which is greatest Missing link in Modern History of Science ?
Would you like to note that greatest Missing link in Modern Science is FIT-Future Imaging tool technology ?
Do you know ,After seeing FIT technology people of world will start throwing Books in on Forecasting in Physics,Geophysics etc as they are unable to forecast Fire or Inferno ?
Do you know Invention like FIT technology takes place once in 2000 year time?
FIT technology is do it yourself method to save valuable life of people from all type of disasters on planet Earth.
Use of new invention like FIT or Quinine(malaria) can save life of millions of people from disaster subject to condition that Scientists are shedding their false ego and are using New invention by changing their bent and set of mind. FIT technology is Protection of Nature or GOD and Gift to save mankind on earth.