Manglore Air India or Kalka mail accident Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Time machine in Nature and Human body has CCTV or Black Box type record of past and possible future Disaster

    How Nature or Human body works as Digital camera or CCTV Camera to forecast future disaster ,is described below-
    A certainty tool or Future Imaging Tool has been developed that works on neural networking (interaction) between cosmic trio forces, Human body and the Earth .
    The components present unified field image of activities taking place in our Galaxy or Cosmos.
    The trio force are basic processing element like CPU(central Processing Unit)and Human body is basic interface(like monitor and key board)with this computer.
    In trio forces Signal not only covers future activities within Cosmos but also the past and present. The activities which signal the calamities/disasters can be predicted by understanding the trio force Signals.
    A Human body susceptible to these signals which surface out on the body. The signal Can be collected from human body and analyzed to predict the disasters.
    Every human body is Time machine system having Unified field Sensor attached to it. These sensors receive cosmic activity signals(message)depicting the encrypted/coded form of trio force images, which are displayed in form of Genomic stress prints on Biometric parts of Human body. These patterns may be analyzed for prediction purposes.
    Unified field sensor contain encoded form of Electromagnetic image of Trio force i.e. Cosmos , Earth, Human body.

      One has to learn cryptographic language developed by us to-
    • Decode messages received by Human body in form of different waves in Unified field sensor area(Biosensor).
    • Use Time machine system developed to calculate exact year of disaster.

    Unified field sensor or Biometric/Genomic stress pattern or seismograph or Biosensor or Black box in Human body are one and same thing. To decode encoded(encrypted) message one can decode ,cryptographic language developed and in association with the Time machine system can calculate two year in advance exact year of occurrence of Earthquake or Rail Accident or Plane crash or Dam burst or nuclear radiation or tsunami.
    All parts of creation are linked together and interchange their influences,the balance rhythm of Universe is rooted in reciprocity.
    Above is text from Internet available book Seeing is Believing first time in world ,written by writer of this article
    Use of new invention like FIT or Quinine(malaria) can save life of millions of people from disaster subject to condition that Scientists are shedding their false ego and are using New invention by changing their bent and set of mind. FIT technology is Protection of Nature or GOD and Gift to save mankind on earth.
    Wisdom of millions of people of Planet Earth can bring GOLDEN AGE and positive contribution is expected from people of every corner of world to remove fear of disaster.