Why over 1000German and Swedish tourists lost their life in 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia ? Appearance of Bad biosensor in biometric parts forewarns you not to travel.

Nature express itself in many form like MEGA or MICRO or NANO.It is written in book
Seeing is Believing First time in world published by M/s RoseDog Books USA
what lies in tree that lies in Seed
what lies in seed that lies in Genes
what lies in Cosmos that lies in human body
what lies in computer that lies in Pen Drive
If you are entering some house to know electricity or Power points then without entering that house same position you can assess by checking Meter and circuit box . House is like tree and Meter (PCB ) is like Seed ,from any point you can know position of Power points. Similarly Nature (Tree) has its own miniature form i.e. PCB-Printed circuit Board(Seed) .PCB of universal Disasters lies in Biometric parts of human body whom we call PALM TOP.
In PALM TOP exist two type of BIO SENSORS.One is Normal Biosensor and another is abnormal or Bad Biosensor. If person in particular age say 40 is having Bad or Abnormal Biosensor then principle of Birds of same feather flocks together applies.
During time of any calamity like Tsunami invisible antimatter atmosphere is created by Black hole like force which attract tourists with negative biosensors .Weaker force or bad biosensor (if positive pole of magnet) then Tsunami area is negatively charged Black hole which attract tourist from all parts of Globe to go to Tsunami area. Only FIT technology is capable to identify tourist with bad biosensor and during this time it is advisable not to go to Disaster area.
Person with abnormal Biosensor will like and appoint subordinate which is also having Abnormal Biosensor. Person with Abnormal Biosensor will form a bunch or group Like electrical bulb Series but their achievement will be in form of disaster. Bad Biosensor presence in any person indicate that person or his organisation or family is going to meet disaster in coming time(future) eg as quoted above when he will achieve age say 40 .
FIT technology is only available technology in world which clearly indicate two year in advance any type of Manmade, Natural, Medical ,Economic disaster by detecting Abnormal Biosensor in Human body.
More than 1000Germans and tourist from Sweden/Demark lost their life in 2004 Tsunami, ,since they were not knowing that Tsunami will strike Indonesia, Sri lanka, or India.