Forecast Disaster

Earthquake prediction could we ever forecast the next big one-Answer is YES Quantum Nano Seismograph exist in Human hands . Use Biosensor data to forecast Earthquake,Tsunami,F loods,Nuclear radiation,Dam Burst.

  1. Quantum world can solve every complicated case. Invention is Ocean Your knowledge is like drop in ocean. Today,s world is Quantum world.Every second some information is coming to you via Internet ,3G Mobile but you are ignoring these information due to your busy schedule but remember Local to Global and Global to local problem can be solved if you are proactive officer in your department working in network like fashion and taking help of civilian or Inventor .
  2. Invisible dimension of Nature becomes visible by using FIT+WORD POWER technology. In net work like fashion Certainty tool technology suggest you to analysis data available in Biosensor of Both hands and you will help yourself .This data can help you to forecast one year in advance Disasters mentioned in this write up.
  3. Seismology is an Inexact Science- Hindustan times dated 27-9-2011.
  4. Theory of Relativity E=MC SQUARE is wrong theory- Hindustan Times dated 27-9-2011 It is fact that particle heavier than light(Neutrino) may travel faster than light? -According to Elbert Einstein special theory of Relativity, Neutrinos can reach speech of light only if they are massless. Scientist, Physicist in CERN observed that Neutrinos ,sub atomic particle apparently traveled faster (299798.45km/sec)than speed of light(299,792.45 km/sec), 20 parts per million above the speed of light. Due to new finding about Neutrino The equation that Einstein written down in 1905 in Annalen der Physik ,in four paras could be proved wrong.
  5. Six Seismologist and a bureaucrat in Italy are facing criminal charges of manslaughter. Reason they failed to warn the resident L,Aquila of the Earthquake that killed over 200 people in 2009.
  6. Biggest library of books and CERN Laboratory of Nature exist in Human body.
  7. In 21 first century, no one should die unnatural death .You live in Quantum world and every second some information in form of invention or cure for disasters , You are dying in disasters because you want to die? Start using 3G MOBILE or Internet,You Tube , to solve local to Global and Global to local problem.
  8. Create Science Forum where Government must participate.Allot Budget for Forums. Arrogance and deliberate Ignorance of Invention are root cause of disaster in any country. Shed Ego and create Science Forum where every one can participate to forewarn you about any future disaster or let you know way to solve complicated problem faced by your city or country.
  9. Human body works as Computer of nature and role of Biosensors , to avoid disaster in nature and Next Generation science based on Biosensors in Human body is available in videos.